Synchronicity (2015)

Think Film Noir Time Travel thriller and you’ve got the basic idea.

Mind you, it’s all wrapped in up such a beautiful package that you wouldn’t want to dismiss it that quickly.

Physicist Jim Beale thinks he’s made the next great breakthrough, the one which, like Tesla’s work on electricity, will completely transform our wold.  He plans to open a wormhole, then, when he gets enough money to run his machine again, open a second hole that will link to the first one, allowing him to instantaneously transfer objects from one end of the hole to the other – and through time.

Naturally there’s the evil businessman, played with despicable vigor by the ever reliable Michael Ironside.  Then there’s the mysterious and seductive woman who may be trying to steal Jim’s project.  Throw in a few twisty time trips, some questions about what they’ve really created, and some really nasty side effects.

I’ll admit that I was a bit disappointed by the ending, first because it seemed so discordant and out of left field, but then, once its meaning became apparent, because it was more or less a tacked-on happy ending.

But it isn’t enough to drag the rest of the film down, with its solid performances, great cinematography and good script.  This is a beautifully made little Indie SF, which, while nowhere near as good as Primer or Los Cronoscrimenes, is definitely worth a view.


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