Spectral (2016)

A DARPA scientist is suddenly called in to help the Special Forces troops caught in the middle of a civil war in Eastern Europe.  Something strange is killing their men — and it looks like ghosts!

This one plays out a lot like a Call of Duty mission, with a team of commandos on a routine patrol, lots of shooting, military hardware blowing up, and a threat that keeps growing and growing.    Supposedly, they considered releasing this one to the theaters, which accounts for its fairly impressive effects, both practical and CGI.  Instead it ended up on Netflix, and it isn’t that hard to understand why:  while it is quite entertaining, it never really gives us too much more that its simple basic premise:  Special Forces vs. Ghosts.

However, I like the supposedly scientific explanation we are given (as with so many of these quantum physics movies where things that take place at the quantum level are supposedly made to take place in our everyday reality, I have to wonder whether the artificial product in question could exist in any useful amount).  The final assault on the power plant (where the government of this tiny country has been carrying out its secret weapons project) is particularly spectacular, although one does wonder about their ability to jury rig so many ghost killing guns, and matching sets of ghost armor.

It is what it is.  It’s fun and diverting — and goes reasonably well with popcorn.

And there are times when that’s all you need.



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