Shadowchaser (1992)

(aka, Project Shadowchaser)

This is what you get when you combine Die Hard with your typical android-on-the-loose direct to video movie of the Nineties.

We’ve got a high-rise hospital in a big, unspecified city of the future:  a team of mercenaries seize control of the place and take everyone hostage.  The FBI need help, so they thaw out the building’s architect, who serving a cryonic life sentence with no hope of parole.

Only the mildly crazy attendant thaws out the wrong guy, a pro-football player, who pretends to be the architect they’re after so he can get a full pardon.

Oh, and the leader of the terrorists is actually a government program gone wrong.

There’s a lot of shooting and explosions (note near the end that the building that explodes is taller in that scene than in the rest of the film), a lot of running around and  hanging off buildings.

And more shooting

And more explosions.

Meg Foster shows up as the terrorist’s target, the President’s daughter.  She was 44 here and starting to look her age. She does get to do the whole Sarah Connor bit, and beats up almost as many of the bad guys as the hero does.  We even get a bit of an explanation of how that’s possible.  Not that her prowess as a target shooter translates into being able to hit anything with a fully automatic weapon.

This is a film that needs a lot of popcorn to help it go down, but it isn’t as stupid as most of these films, the action is mostly semi-plausible, and the cast isn’t jarringly bad.  It is reasonably enjoyable, maybe even “fun,” — and there’s a pretty solid twist ending thrown in, of the sort we expect from these sorts of films.

And I don’t remember seeing this happen to an evil cyborg before…

So keep your expectations low, don’t expect great drama, and you should have a reasonably good time watching this one.

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