Cyborg 2087 (1966)

Perhaps the most notable thing about this film is that it stars Michael Rennie. It sounds quite promising:  a cyborg is sent back from the future to try to prevent a dangerous new invention from creating the oppressive future world that built him. This is, of course, a familiar sort of time travel plot, one we’ve […]

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Golem (1980)

Ah, what a marvelously strange film! Polish director Piotr Szulkin made four strange and surreal political allegories disguised as Science Fiction back in the Eighties, of which Golem was the first. It tells the story of an artificial man, who doesn’t realize that he isn’t really who he thinks he is.  He’s been copied from one […]

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Lost in the Pacific (2016)

If it weren’t for all the hype about it being China’s first feature film in English, Lost in the Pacific would look like nothing more than yet another SyFy monster movie of the week.  One suspects that it will probably end up on SyFy, billed as yet another SyFy original before long.  That is, after all, […]

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