The Visitor (1979)

The biggest mystery about this film is what in the world are John Huston, Shelly Winters, Sam Peckinpah and Glenn Ford doing in it?

It’s an odd Italian mash-up of The Omen and Close Encounters, with a little help from Star Wars and just a smidgen of The Birds. So why is it set in Atlanta, Georgia (other than to get those basketball scenes in, of course)?

John Huston, in full Obi Wan lookalike mode gets to be mystical in beard and brown robes,  while locked in battle with a cute, blonde child.  There are plenty of colored lights in the sky, swarms of vicious birds, and, of course, plenty of muders.  it even has a very young Lance Henriksen.

In other words, we’re talking an uncompromisingly strange and nearly forgotten piece of movie weirdness.

I, for one, am glad that Drafthouse films decided to revive this nearly lost oddity. 


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