Travelers: Dimension Police [Toraberāzu – Jigen Keisatsu] (2013)


We’ve got a dimension hopping police agency, all of whose agents happen to be sexy girls in tiny costumes.  We have official sexy girl agent uniforms with leather hot pants or mini-mini skirts and laced up leather bodices.  And they protect the wearer from physical blows – even when you hit them on the parts where there aren’t any clothes.  Which, actually, is most of their bodies.

We’ve got cool but very shiny dimension hopping cars, cyborg partners, and a giant, holographic head for the boss.  Who goes by the name brain.  Think the Wizard of Oz, with death rays that come out of his eyes.

We got a whole bunch of alternate earths, including “the fairy world”, where people dress up like Harry Potter extras and cast spells.  We’ve got lots of really fake looking CGI blood, mental powers, and martial arts.  Lots and lots of martial arts.  Heck, if someone isn’t trying to kick it, it probably isn’t in the film.  Unless it’s being shot at.

And then there’s the usual shower scene, where the camera slowly tracks along, but then stops just as it threatens to get too interesting.  Heck this is supposed to be for the kiddies, right?  I mean, it is “G” rated.

And then we have an absurd, over-complicated and yet oh-so-familiar plot, where we know before the opening credits run that the bad guys will be the good guys and vice versa.

In other words, it’s utterly absurd and just keeps getting more in your face absurd as it goes. Think Terry Pratchett and Steven Baxter’s The Long Earth meets, say, Tokyo Gore Police.  Except without all the zombies.

Just don’t try to imagine what the sequel would be like.

And the worst part of all?

It’s completely…




bat-*bleep* crazy…


From silly beginning to absurd end.

But hey, what did you expect?

It’s Japanese.

(english subtitles available here.)


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