Time Rush (2016)

You know you’re watching an independent film when the star also has writing, editing, producing and executive producer credits.  Heck, for all we know, he helped with the catering, too.

A young man wakes up with no memory of where he is or how he got there and immediately witnesses a murder.  Moments later, he is on the run, pursued by three men in black uniforms and body armor.

They kill him and he wakes up again exactly where he started.

Despite the fact that this is an American film, it was shot in and around Bangkok.  This gives them an excellent excuse to pack the film with an endless series of Thai-style martial arts fights and some intense parkour stunts.

It works well enough as a straightforward action/martial arts film.  But what comes as a surprise is that it is all wrapped around a complex time loop plot, involving government conspiracies, an evil corporation, the secret test of a revolutionary new drug and even a lightly sketched in romance.

Okay, they repeat some of the same footage far too many times. And perhaps the final reveal of what’s going on doesn’t quite fit what we’ve seen.  But this is a clever, fast moving film with loads of well-staged action that’s smarter than it has any right to be.  Tony Jaa must be envious.

Hey, I can live with that.


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