They’re Made Out of Meat (2005)

It is always a pleasure to find yet another reminder that clever writing matters more than hundreds of millions of dollars of effects.  In fact, there is only one effect in this film, and it is one of the simplest imaginable.

Instead, what we have is something very simple — two men sitting in a diner, talking — that quickly turns to aliens, certain modern mythologies, and a stupefying and horrendous discovery.

All while being extremely funny.  Of course.

It’s based on a much-loved short story by Terry Bisson, and while there have been several attempts to film it, none of them have been quite so successful as this one.  I suspect this is because of the very mundane setting the director, Stephen O’Regan, chose:  it contrasts nicely with the absurd story and the quirky added touches.

And what’s even better is that it is only seven minutes long, so you have no excuse not to watch this film.

Not that you’d ever want one.


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