20th Century Boys

Beginning of the End (2008)

The Last Hope (2009)

Redemption (2009)

I wish people would stop comparing a movie to the original Manga.  Or novel, or short story, or whatever.  Movies are movies.  Books are books.  Enjoy them for what they are.

For your consideration:  20th Century Boys, a truly epic trilogy of movies from Japan.  I had the advantage of watching it without having read Naoki Urasawa’s magnificent Manga series (I’m still working my way through its twenty-some volumes), so, without preconceptions, what I saw was an incredible story about a group of former grade school classmates who learn that that someone is trying to carry out their childhood plans for world domination.  Not only do we get all the fun stuff we expect from SF – like giant robots, sinister masked leaders, flying saucers, virtual reality, time travel, powerful secret conspiracies and a deadly plague – but the whole story ultimately revolves around the characters – their past, their dreams and who they really are.  That alone distinguishes it from most of the SF out there.

And it’s done well – which is rarer still!

So let’s just hope you haven’t read the manga.

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