Alternate Realities (2015)

(AKA, Flashes)

The life of a successful young architect, John Rotit, is falling apart all around him because of the disturbing flashes he keeps having that send him to two other existences:  one where he is a drug addicted and burnt out rock star and another so terrible he won’t tell anyone about it.  He can’t do his job, his doctor thinks he’s suffering from delusions, and yet he’s certain that the other two lives are real.

But then a groupie recognizes him as legendary rocker Johnny Rotit and he realizes that his three separate lives are starting to merge…

There’s a lot of talk about string theory, hints that what’s happening might all be a delusion, familiar faces showing up in the parallel lives, and some entirely eccentric bit parts for Christopher Judge (although as far as I can see, top-billed star, Tom Sizemore, only gets one cameo).  It may not be a classic – or even hack out any particularly original territory, but it is a solid, well-made little film, with good performances, some clever ideas, and, ultimately, consistently entertaining.



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