As Time Goes by (1988)

I never thought I would see this one. But then, I’ve been saying that a lot lately. It was one of those films people talk about, but it wasn’t available. Not anywhere. Not here in the U.S., at least. Which seems a shame, really. It’s an easy-going, low-key comedy, which is dryly witty, charming and […]

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Alabama’s Ghost (1973)

Honorable Mention (Well, some of it is Sci Fi..) This is a totally bizarre, silly, and  wild little film.  It seems a shame so few people have heard of it, let alone seen it. No real summary of the film can do it justice.  A janitor at a Jazz club accidentally discovers a secret trove […]

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Assassinaut (2019)

I’m not sure what to make of this one. Partly this is because it starts in one place, turns into something else and goes off the deep end at the finish. We have a group of children chosen to go into space, an assassination attempt that leaves them stranded on an alien planet, a bit […]

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Among Us (2004)

(aka Bigfoot Among Us) This is a remarkable film. And perhaps what is even more remarkable is that it was made by the Polonia Brothers. For those of you who still haven’t encountered them, the Polonia Brothers started out as a pair of teen-aged Pennsylvania twins who became cult heroes with their silly gorefest SOV […]

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Adventurados (2015)

The story goes that Berton Pierce was working on miniatures for the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel when he got the idea of making a science fiction film using some of the best model makers in the business, artists who had created models for everything from Flash Gordon and Space 1999 to Moon and the […]

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Axcellerator (2020)

Do you remember the days when movies used to be fun? Maybe that’s not entirely fair, but let’s face it, there aren’t as many movies out there anymore that exist just to give the audience an hour and a half of cinematic fun.  Instead they get bogged down in messages, political posturing, global warming, over […]

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The Angry Red Planet (1959)

It’s funny how things work. I didn’t think much of this one the first time I saw it, liked it the second time, and this time around… Well, I guess I find myself on the fence. Now I’ll admit one does not expect a lot from any film from the team of producer Sidney Pink […]

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The Attack Of The Robots From Nebula-5 [El ataque de los robots de nebulosa-5] (2008)

I can’t remember too many films I’ve seen lately that are as minimal as this impressive short film. It offers stark images, little movement of camera — or even of its characters — and no dialogue. Instead, most of its grainy, black and white images could easily be stills and it is all held together […]

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