Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

I’ll confess that I am of two minds about Stuart Gordon. Now he started out with a few great films, like the first Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Robot Jox, only to sort of wither away into doing TV movies and foreign productions long after his name lost whatever luster it once had. Curiously, that seemed to […]

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The Monster (2016)

Okay, it takes a while to get going. In fact, we are over a half an hour into the film before that monster finally makes an appearance. But it is not exactly wasted time as we learn a lot about the troubled relationship between Lizzy and her alcoholic mother Kathy.  They are on a trip […]

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The Rising Light (2013)

I’m really not sure what to make of this one. Certainly the blurb on the posters isn’t any help.  Whatever else we’re talking about here, it isn’t “A Science Fiction Road Picture.” Admittedly, that term “road picture” has strayed a bit from its origins with the endless series of “Road To…” movies Bing Crosby and […]

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Something in the Dirt (2022)

I had a sudden epiphany the other day and realized the correct term for one of Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s films is a “try-to-wrap-your-head-around-this-one.” It isn’t anything as simple as what is called the “mind (*Bleep*)”: after all, many of the films generally dumped in that category do not actually make sense as so […]

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Nightfall (1988)

It sounds promising. A film adaptation of a classic Isaac Asimov story? With a screenplay by Paul Mayersberg, who wrote the script for Nicholas Roeg’s version of The Man Who Fell to Earth? How could you go wrong? Well, you could have too tiny a budget for such an ambitious project, or perhaps get Roger […]

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Mind Benders (1987)

(aka, Invasion of the Mindbenders, Alien High) All right, I admit it.  The biggest question I have when it comes to Canadian films from the Eighties is “How in the world did this get made?” Now, I’ll admit that my point of view probably reflects the fact that, yes, the distinctively Canadian films from the […]

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Interface (1984)

This is one of those films which creeps up on you and then surprises the heck out of you. I’ll admit that you never know what you are going to find when you watch some movie you just dug up on a routine search.  Most of them are routine, a few terrible, and a small […]

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