Arachnicide (2014)


What we’ve got here is your basic soldiers vs. giant spiders movie, with lots and lots and lots of digital spiders, plenty of splattering blood and bug guts, and ammo that only runs out when the plot needs it.

What’s interesting about it is not that these spiders are the unfortunately by-product of a scientific program to create supercrops, but that this program is being run by a big drug gang, who hopes to produce crops of Coca in a matter of days.

Okay, that’s new.

Curiously, it is halfway into the film before the L9 Commandos sent to take out the gang’s greenhouse runs into its first spiders.

This is one of those films where you pretty much get what you expect: spiders, commandos and over-the-top villains, all badly dubbed.  The villains’ plan, when we finally learn it, is rather more interesting than one might have expected, but they make up for it with the many shots where the commandos have somehow turned into videogame characters during a battle scene.

But hey, if you don’t ask too much from it, it’s mostly fun in a mildly brainless sort of way.

Which is really all we can ask from a giant spider movie.


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