Plan 9 (2015)

Director John Johnson somewhere commented that he’d thought about what it would be like if someone tried to remake Ed Wood’s “classic”, Plan 9 from Outer Space as a serious film.

This isn’t that film.  Although, let’s face it, it isn’t the laugh-a-minute romp the notion of a Plan 9 remake would suggest.

In fact, the end result is a fairly routine zombie horror movie, with little to distinguish it from most of them.  Certainly they missed the fact that Ed’s film was a cheesy Science Fiction film more than a horror film.  And it is the aliens and their secret plan who get short changed here.

Oh, well.  We get the director playing a major part, where he gets to shoot the ray gun and kick zombie butt; we get a few bucketloads of gore; a lot of F-bombs – and I do mean a lot – a few boobs; and a handful of lines and scenes ripped off from other better films.  However, the girl genius scientist who understands what’s going on without having to have it explained to her is just plain dumb.  Even in the 50s, that kind of character would have seemed silly, and even as a joke it calls far too much attention to itself.  Obviously, their script (which somewhere towards the end becomes aware that it is a script) didn’t give the aliens much room to monologue, but maybe that was the real problem.

And, yes, we do miss those wobbly saucers hovering over the town.

Let’s face it, someone should force Johnson to sit down and watch Hide and Creep, which does it all so much better, even without alien scenes and wobbly saucers.

Just make sure he takes notes.




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