Future Fear (Stellanomicon: Future Fear) (2021)

Why do these things keep happening? I was in the mood for a terrible, Grade Z movie — you know, the sort of thing Wild Eye Releasing puts out? — and watched one of their more recent offerings because their product description sounded like it might at least be entertaining: “In a distant future, an […]

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Open Grave (2013)

A man (Sharlto Copley) wakes up in a pit full of dead bodies. He has no memory of who he is or how he got there.  When he climbs out and finds a handful of others in a nearby house, he discovers that none of them remember who they are, either. The house is well […]

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For a Few Zombies More (2015)

“Let me get this straight:  your plan for surviving the zombie plague is based on a movie that’s not even about zombies. “Well, if you say it like that…” Man, oh man, oh man… One of those genuine and unlikely surprises I stumbled across not too long ago was the marvelous little zombie film, Hide and Creep, […]

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