Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932)

[Mild Spoilers] To start in a less than obvious place: This happened back in 1986, when CBS announced their latest TV movie, a version of Edgar Allen Poe’s Murders in the Rue Morgue starring, of all people, George C. Scott. Yes, the same George C. Scott who seems to be playing the same stolid and […]

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Xchange (2001)

If the basic premise of this one sounds familiar, you’ve probably read Robert Sheckley. For those of you who have never encountered him, Sheckley was one of the greatest science fiction short story writers of the Fifties and Sixties, and continued writing books well into the Millenium.  He was a brilliant and wildly inventive satirist […]

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X (2005)

There are certain films which stick with you for years. I don’t just mean our favorites, but any film whose images, ideas or artistry touches something deep within and remains with us long after we’ve seen it. For me, a lot of these films have been short films, often of the more experimental persuasion, like Plug […]

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Xtro (1982)

This one has a bit of a cult following. It is also generally considered to be completely awful. Mind you, the two often go together, but this is one seriously strange film.  It is actually fairly well made for a low budget effort, with moderately proficient British actors, interesting locations and some impressively nasty low fi […]

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Xenogenesis (1978)

Everyone had to start somewhere. In 1978, in the wake of Star Wars, James Cameron convinced a group of dentists to give him $20,000 to make an audition film for a movie he hoped they would produce. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Star Wars enough for them and they withdrew their backing. However, the film was impressive enough to convince Roger […]

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