Treta sled slantzeto [The Third Planet] (1972)

(aka, Third Planet After the Sun) I doubt if anyone is exactly surprised that there haven’t been many Bulgarian science fiction films. To be fair, there have been a few, but for the most part no one has ever heard of them in the West.  And they are rather hard to find. Particularly when we […]

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Meatball (1969)

(aka, Meatball: A Spaced Out Odyssey) Who knows what the final outcome will be? It’s too big. It’s Kosmic –– R. Crumb You never know what you’ll find on YouTube. This time around it was a clever little short student film, which won the East Carolina Student Film Festival in 1969. I hate to think […]

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Shin Ultraman (2022)

This one wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Or maybe it was.  I’m not sure. After all, I’ve been waiting for it a long time.  It was announced, supposedly due to be released, delayed, delayed again, and finally came out — in Japan. More waiting. What I expected, when it was first announced, was a […]

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Automatic (1995)

Let’s see… A cyborg kickboxer movie starring some guy with a French accent? Never saw that one before. Only Automatic isn’t your typical kickboxing cyborg movie, even if Olivier Gruner does have a French accent — although, to be fair, he’s actually French, not Belgian. If that makes a difference. Robgen Industries has made a […]

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Portal Runner (2021)

Not every film needs to be brilliant. Instead, what we all long for, what the little kid in all of us is really looking for, is an all too brief moment of fun, a few minutes of cinematic escapism, with no need for earth shaking themes or heavy drama.  We just want to be thrilled, […]

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The Brain Leeches (1978)

You have to admire his bravery. A lot of directors run away the moment anyone starts talking about their early work and it isn’t much of a surprise.  After all, most early efforts were made long before their creators had any clue what they were doing.  Most of them end up cringing the minute their […]

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Terminal City Ricochet (1990)

“The media said there was nothing falling from the sky.  But everyone knew there was.  “It was Boomtown, forty miles up and falling apart, piece by piece.” Something strange happened back in the Canada of the 1980s. I honestly don’t know what, but they produced a lot of very strange low budget films, most of which […]

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Hatched (2021)

We’ve all had family outings like this: No one’s heard from Uncle Mark for a while — you know, the one who locked himself up in his country house and told everyone to stay away — so a family sets out to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, it proves to be a rather…awkward family reunion […]

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