The Tangle (2019)

Wow! It is very hard to write about a really good movie.  A bad one?  that’s easy.  There are always lots of things that make a movie bad, and they are usually the same bad things from movie to movie.  Acting?  Dialogue?  Story?  The fundamentals of editing, sound recording and composition? But a truly good […]

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Precognition [App for Life] (2018)

This was one of the selections from this year’s Sci Fi London Convention.  Now as I’ve noted before, many of the most interesting Indie films have shown there including such impressive efforts as Resolution, Yesterday Last Year, Avalon, and Nydenion.  So it is generally a good sign if a film becomes one of their official selections. Now, […]

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Cyber Bandits (1995)

What an odd film. Robert Hays (of all people) looking more than a decade and a half older than he did in Airplane!, plays the villain, Morgan, a billionaire so rich that he bought the entire island of Pacifica as his own personal little fiefdom.  It’s a wide-open sort of town, like Shanghai in some Thirties […]

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Menno’s Mind (1997)

(aka In one of his interviews, legendary TV producer Dan Curtis talked about how easy it was to produce a TV movie in the Seventies:  he would pitch his idea to, perhaps, two people, and would get an answer on the spot. The result was what seems to have been the Golden Age of […]

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Virtual Revolution (2016)

Sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective. Virtual Revolution has garnered a fair number of quite negative reviews and yet there are also a fair number of reasonably positive ones out there (which was my general impression as well).  However, there was one thing I noted the more negative reviewers had in common – they all seemed to […]

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Creative Control (2015)

This interesting and creative film came out of Amazon’s direct-to-Amazon Amazon Studios, although it does seem to have had at least a minimal box-office release. Somehow, I suspect they had the French Nouvelle Vague movies of the 60s in mind when they made this, with its rich, smoky black and white cinematography.  It has a very definite […]

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