The Mole People (1956)

Poor John Agar. He became famous for marrying Shirley Temple and then starred in the first two of John Ford’s Cavalry trilogy. But then his marriage broke up, and things didn’t go so well. And, worst of all, Universal kept putting him in horror films. Three of them, to be precise (the other two were […]

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La marca del muerto (1961)

(aka The Mark of Death) I have to admit, I’m beginning to become fond of Mexican Horror films. Now I’ll admit that’s because I’ve been steered towards some of their best, like El Monstruo resucitado, The Black Pit of Dr. M, The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales, and The Macabre Trunk, not to mention such silly but wildly […]

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The Body Disappears (1941)

Edward Everett Horton, one of the most avuncular actors of the Thirties and Forties, as a mad scientist? It’s one of those thoughts you can’t dwell on for too long for fear it’ll cause serious brain damage. I suppose we could argue that he’s not so much “mad” as a bit obsessive, but that doesn’t […]

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Invisible Agent (1942)

I suppose it was inevitable. You are trying to find ways to spin off sequels to your successful horror films, you’ve made a movie an invisible man, a war is on… So naturally we get a movie about an invisible spy. What is strange, though, is that it is played strictly for laughs. Now, those […]

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Doctor X (1932)

It isn’t easy to find science fiction films made in the Thirties. It did show up in quite a few serials, but then those were aimed at kids. There were a few odd films with more developed SF elements — like Just Imagine — but for most part you were going to find it in horror […]

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The Invisible Ray (1936)

“FOREWARD: Every scientific fact accepted today once burned as a fantastic fire in the mind of someone called mad.  Who are we on the youngest and smallest of planets to say that the INVISIBLE RAY is impossible to science? That which you are now to see is a theory whispered in the cloisters of science. […]

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The Leech Woman (1960)

After nearly forty years, from their classic silent horrors of the Twenties through the golden era of the Thirties, the endless sequels of the Forties and the Jack Arnold Fifties, the Universal Horror cycle finally ground to a halt with a film more like what they might have made in the Forties than anything they’d […]

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