Gojira vs. Biorante [Godzilla vs. Biollante] (1989)

This is the one where Godzilla fights a giant rose. It’s one of those things that is so bizarre that you just have to lead with it. What makes this particularly strange is that this story somehow beat out a script which pitted the Big G against a gigantic super computer, a story which was […]

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Nainteîn [19] (1987)

(aka, XIX) I should know by now that you just can’t rely on the advertising. Consider the movie 19: if you read the plot summaries of the film that are out there (and yes, the plot descriptions you find on a movie site are almost always written by the studio, particularly when every review uses […]

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Armicron (2000)

(aka, Outlaw Power, Armicron in Outlaw Power) I think the main effect of watching this Power Rangers-style direct to video movie is that I now really, really, really want to see the original 1995 Korean film they stole the effects from. I mean, wow, they look remarkably good.  Better, for the most part, than the […]

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