The Children (1980)

Radiation. We all know what it could do in the Fifties: make things bigger or smaller, or invisible, or telepathic, or capable of seeing through things, or even, in extreme cases, turn them into giant monsters. But it is strange to learn that its curious powers lasted into the 1980s. After all, a big radioactive […]

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Sole Survivor (2000)

First of all, that’s “Quartermass,” not “Quatermass.” Dean R. Koonz isn’t quite the famous superstar horror author that Stephen King is, but I’m not sure which one actually sells more books.  He’s had quite a few of his novels adapted for the big screen, although not as many as King.  Mind you, those adaptations do […]

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The Uninvited (1997)

It seems strange, but one of the seminal SF film and TV series remains little seen in the United States. I refer, of course, to the original Quatermass serials and the Hammer film remakes that followed.  While he had minimal impact on American SF movies, Quatermass inspired a generation of British SF movies and television […]

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Ghosts of Mars (2001)

It’s curious how a little distance can give us a new perspective on things. When I first saw this, I dismissed it as one of John Carpenter’s long list of current missfires – better, by far, than his take on The Village of the Damned (a painful demonstration of how easily one could take great material […]

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