Timeslip: The Block (1985)

As I noted elsewhere, Robert Holmes was one of the greatest writers in Doctor Who history.  While that is what he will be remembered for, he also wrote episodes for a number of other SF TV series, the story for a Sixties SF film and was involved in two further TV projects after he left […]

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Ravagers (1979)

There sure were a lot of post-Apocalyptic films in the Seventies! I really wouldn’t even want to guess how many. We tend to think of the genre as starting with Mad Max and The Road Warrior, but it goes the whole way back to the silent era, and they were pretty heavy on the ground […]

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Damnation Alley (1977)

There are movies that could only have been made in the Seventies. Now we need to say certain things about this one right up front: The star of this film is a giant truck. It’s called the Landmaster, and the legendary prop designer Dean Jeffries (yes, the guy who built the cars for Blade Runner) […]

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Mazinger Z: INFINITY (2017)

This is not a movie I would ever have imagined myself seeing in the theater. But stranger things have happened, and by some freak chance, I won two tickets to a limited pre-release showing. Mazinger Z got its start as a Manga and then an Anime back in 1972.  It was the first to feature […]

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Starforce (2000)

This one got marketed as a Starship Troopers ripoff, thanks to the alien bugs that show up. That wasn’t what they had in mind when they made this one, and the “Army Bugs” are just bugs — rather large bugs, admittedly, the size of a rabbit or thereabouts, and dangerous because they attack en masse […]

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She (1984)

I find myself imagining the writers conference for this film as I write this.  It must have involved ideas scribbled on cards, stuck to a dart, then thrown randomly at a bulletin board and tied together into a vague semblance of order. Thrown by monkeys, that is. Forget the novel by H.Rider Haggard.  It doesn’t […]

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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

It seems our film industry is suffering from a bad case of elephantiasis (and, come to think of it, sequelitis). It’s as if Hollywood is now incapable of making any film that isn’t utterly bloated:  distended by endless swollen CGI sequences that almost defy the audience to believe in them. And one might almost be tempted […]

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Turbo Kid (2015)

This is just your typical BMX warrior, robot romance, comic book, 90s direct-to-video homage, Power Rangers ripoff, post-apocalyptic parody, Michael Ironside movie. Mind you, as far as I know, there’s only one of them. In the crumbling world of the future, everyone gets around on bikes, even the ruthless gangs who seemed to have escaped […]

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