Red Alert (1977)

Honorable Mention Strange. I never thought of William Devane as an action hero. But I suppose on Television in the 1970s almost anything was possible, particularly when it came to TV movies. For example, it came as a bit of a shock when I realized that this movie came out two years before the film […]

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Kamikaze (1986)

You never know what you are going to find next. After all, there are a lot of incredible movies out there no one has ever heard of. Consider for a moment the 1986 French comedy, Kamikaze: The first thing you’ll notice is that it was produced by Luc Besson. Now this is actually more remarkable […]

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Fumoon (1980)

Osamu Tezuka is probably as close to Walt Disney as anyone in Japan will ever be. He started out by redefining Manga and then jumpstarted the Japanese anime market with Astroboy.  In his early work, he told surprisingly dark stories for younger readers featuring a running cast of familiar characters, but later moved to more […]

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Sky (1975)

Look, it’s a question of time and place. When a mysterious boy who seems to be from the future or another reality appears suddenly in England’s West Country and says he is looking for a mysterious intersection of all the lines of power called “the Juganet,” I instantly guessed what it was.  After all, I’ve […]

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