Wilder Napalm (1993)

Firestarter as a romantic comedy? Well, yes, more or less.  Although it is as much about the relationship between two feuding brothers as it is about the romantic triangle that kindles (sorry, you can’t help it with this sort of film) their long-smoldering (see what I mean?) resentment against each other. And I suppose it does […]

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The Mind’s Eye (2015)

It came as a bit of a surprise that I actually liked this one. I didn’t think much of Joe Begos’ first film, Almost Human, about a man who is abducted by aliens then returns years later as something no longer human. It was meant as an homage to those old Eighties unstoppable killer films, […]

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The Sisterhood (1988)

This is depressing. I just saw a seemingly endless list of other post-Apocalyptic films by Cirio H. Santiago. What is far more depressing is that several of them were actually earlier than The Sisterhood, so he had practice before he made this one. And perhaps most depressing of all is that he kept making them […]

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Scanners (1981)

This is a movie that gained instant notoriety for a single moment. I refer, of course, to that infamous scene where, as a result of an attack by a powerful telepath, or “Scanner”, a man’s head explodes in a gory spray of blood and flesh. Which is somewhat ironic as that only happens once, even […]

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Firestarter (1984)

There seem to have been a lot of telekinetics running around in the Eighties. Particularly if you start looking a little early, at Carrie, in 1976, and The Medusa Touch, The Fury and Patrick in 1978.  Scanners appeared in 1981, with a horde of sequels to follow, The Sender came out in 1982, and Tobe […]

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The Medusa Touch (1978)

“I have a “gift” for disaster“ This one has been pretty much ignored and it seems a shame. It is one of those very Seventies sorts of films, admittedly, with a lot of ranting about how awful everything is — although it also seems to put that ranting in a very poor light, perhaps even […]

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Patrick (1978)

I was somewhat amused to note that IMDB lists this one as a “romance” (as well as Horror and SF):  After all, we’re talking about a comatose patient who has developed impressive telekinetic powers, thanks to his current state, and is using them to harass anyone who gets too close to the nurse he has […]

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