Treta sled slantzeto [The Third Planet] (1972)

(aka, Third Planet After the Sun) I doubt if anyone is exactly surprised that there haven’t been many Bulgarian science fiction films. To be fair, there have been a few, but for the most part no one has ever heard of them in the West.  And they are rather hard to find. Particularly when we […]

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Terminal Entry (1987)

Honorable (mostly) Mention   Now there’s a rare piece of truth in Advertising. I know it is hard to believe, but this poster sums up Terminal Entry with uncanny accuracy. After all, right up front, we have soldiers and explosions.  Then, in the center a giant computer screen.  And looming over that… A kid in […]

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8-ka de shinda kaijû no 12-nichi no monogatari [The 12 Day Tale of the Monster that Died in 8] (2020)

Wikizilla described this one as the first black and white Kaiju film since the original Gamera in 1965. Well…I guess. Maybe. You might call it that. If you absolutely had to. Now the reality is that this is instead a strange found footage film made during the height of the pandemic which just happens to […]

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Terrifying T-Rex (2022)

Some films leave you stuck forever with an image you know you will never get out of your brain. In Terrifying T-Rex, that moment comes fairly early in the film, when the enormously, ummmmm, “Body Positive” star of the film suddenly strips off her clothes and takes a shower. Revealing several acres of bare, flabby […]

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Troll (2022)

A Norwegian giant monster movie. Okay, that’s a new one on me. Still, I suppose there are stranger things out there.  And it does more or less make sense that Netflix would pick it up as they’ve run a lot of unusual foreign genre films lately (and by all means keep it up!). More than […]

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Ji Di Zhui Ji [12 Hours] (2022)

(aka, Polar Pursuit) Okay, I’ll admit it. Twelve Hours feels a lot like winning the big Jackpot. Yeah, yeah, I know I grumble all the time about all those Chinese made science fiction and horror films which keep appearing on Youku’s Youtube channel.  About how they have all these great effects, potentially interesting storylines and […]

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