City of Rott 2 (2014)

There are some movies you know you are never ever, ever going to watch. Nope, wouldn’t even consider it, not for a moment. And yet, I don’t know how it happens, but you end up just giving in and watching them anyway. Take City of Rott 2, for example. I first learned about this one […]

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Alone in the Dark (2005)

Uwe Boll was ahead of his time. Seriously. Here we have the second of his major films, a videogame adaptation like pretty much everything he’s made since, which consists of the barest of setups followed by action scene after action scene, complete with crashing through windows, bullet time, absurd wire-fu, and all chopped up in […]

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Assassinaut (2019)

I’m not sure what to make of this one. Partly this is because it starts in one place, turns into something else and goes off the deep end at the finish. We have a group of children chosen to go into space, an assassination attempt that leaves them stranded on an alien planet, a bit […]

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Await Further Instructions (2018)

I do not like this one. The basic situation is solid: a fractious family celebrating Christmas finds that they have been mysteriously barricaded into their own home.  And then they start getting instructions from the TV. As the tensions increase inside the house, their instructions get stranger and stranger — and more sinister. …But who […]

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Doom: Annihilation (2019)

Great. Just what we needed. Another Doom movie. Now I know there are people running around praising this one.  Yep, it’s closer to the original — well, bits of it are.  It’s on Phobos instead of Mars.  And they call the BFG by its familiar fan “Big (*bleeping*) Gun” nickname. But that’s about it, as […]

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High Desert Kill (1989)

There was once an era when TV movies could be as good as those in the theaters — and a few (like Duel and The Night Stalker) actually bordered on greatness. Generally, I figure it was over by the early Eighties, but one does occasionally find exceptions, particularly when we are looking at those made […]

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Canaries (2017)

(aka Alien Party Crashers) It’s simple, really. Time travelling aliens are out there, carrying out a long series of incursions that are part of some larger plan.  They’ve sent us a warning about their next attack,  a photo from a small and rather unsuccessful New Year’s Eve party in a tiny Welsh town some months in […]

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The Rizen (2017)

It’s 1955, and the world is about to end… A young woman wakes up in an underground tunnel, with a creature with a bandage-wrapped head dragging her away.  She can’t remember who she is or how she got there, but after she beats the creature to death, she finds an ID card identifying her as […]

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