The Cyclops (1957)

Forrest J. Ackerman dubbed him “Mr. B.I.G.”  It seems a fitting nickname for a man who made so many movies featuring everyday creatures blown up to enormous size. However, after his first two films, which featured (respectively) borrowed footage of lizards with fins glued to them and magnified giant grasshoppers, Bert I. Gordon seems to […]

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Black Flowers (2018)

“I…am DJ Apocalypso. (It’s not my real name) I’m the Leader here.” “I’m Kate. (It is my real name.)” Martin Gooch is one of those directors who’s got a lot of attention from this site and there’s a reason for that:  his incredible first film, After Death (2012).  It is a lovely mix of ghost […]

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Precognition [App for Life] (2018)

This was one of the selections from this year’s Sci Fi London Convention.  Now as I’ve noted before, many of the most interesting Indie films have shown there including such impressive efforts as Resolution, Yesterday Last Year, Avalon, and Nydenion.  So it is generally a good sign if a film becomes one of their official selections. Now, […]

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Night Feeders (2006)

This one was far better than I expected. On the face of it, one expects Night Feeders to be just another ultra cheap made-on-a shoestring-with-help-from-the-neighbors  sort of horror film.  We’ve seen a lot of those, and it doesn’t appear to fall too far from the formula.  A group of friends go out into the woods […]

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Alien: Covenant (2017)

(Warning:  Spoilers Ahead!) Not long ago, I noted that the mad scientist film seems to have disappeared. It never was exactly a realistic sort of concept, and as modern film has skewed away from non-realistic styles like expressionism and surrealism, it seems further and further out of place. But that didn’t stop Ridley Scott. Curiously, […]

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