Flight to Hell (2003)

This is the fourth of Alvaro Passeri’s films I have seen. And so far it is the only one which disappointed me. Passeri was a veteran special effects expert from the Italian film industry who decided in the mid-Nineties to make his own movies.  The five he created were all made on ridiculously small budgets, […]

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The Shadow Out of Time (2012)

As I continue my searches through the world of science fiction film, I find myself more and more impressed by the work of people with minimal resources who used their creativity, skill and sheer determination to put their vision on the screen. These days, our technology put almost anything on the screen, and yet we […]

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Se tutte le donne del mondo… (Operazione Paradiso) [Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die] (1966)

[Literal Translation: If All the Women in the World… (Operation Paradise)] We’ve heard that art imitates life. And a parody is, of course based on the original work. But sometimes it works the other way. Take Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, for example: it’s a lighthearted parody of the James Bond films, right?  […]

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Revenge of the Lost (2017)

I’ll confess that I sometimes find myself wishing I liked some of these films more than I do. This is particularly true of no-budget DIY films which have nothing but sheer determination behind them.  The sort of film which has no reserves of money or resources to pull it through. Or skill, for that matter. […]

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The Valley of Gwangi (1969)

Okay, I’ll admit it. I just love this film. A lot.  Probably far more than it deserves. And as this is one of Ray Harryhausen’s best films, that’s already quite a bit. I’m not sure he had a finer moment as an animator than the scene where lariat twirling cowboys go up against a dinosaur.  […]

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Saurians (1994)

I saw this one courtesy of a very worn VHS tape. And that is really the way to see it. You have to remember that Mark and John Polonia — the twin brothers from Wellsboro, Pa. — were the uncrowned kings of the direct-to-VHS SOV (shot on video) market.  They became cult icons with their […]

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Dinosaur from the Deep (1993)

It would probably help if we started with N.G. Mount. He was a French Video Store owner named Norbert Moutier who made a series of absurdly cheap films, generally with horror and science fiction elements — and a healthy amount of gore.  While he talked about them as a commercial enterprise and marketed them on […]

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