Droid Gunner [Cyberzone] (1995)

This is one of those films where you pretty much know what you get just by looking at the cast and crew list:  Fred Olen Ray directed?  Marc Singer starred?  Brinke Stevens gets prominent billing?  It was produced by Roger Corman’s New Horions Pictures? It must be a cheap SF/fantasy action film with plenty of […]

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Demonwarp (1988)

Don’t be fooled by the descriptions.  For most of its running time Demonwarp is just a fairly routine Eighties Slasher film.  The fact that the killer is a Bigfoot (sort of, more or less, well, that’s what it looks like) really doesn’t change things that much. While George Kennedy gets top billing, he actually only […]

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Stereo (1969)

This was David Cronenberg’s first film and it is in many respects a dry run for Scanners. It is also seriously strange and arty. He got the Canadian government to give him a substantial grant to write a novel, but made this film instead.  I really don’t know how they reacted, although I’m cynical enough to […]

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Not Like Us (1995)

Sigh. This was one of that package of films Roger Corman produced for Showtime back in the Nineties. Most of these (naturally, as he already owned the rights) were retreads of some of his great films from his early days.  And, despite the new title and the storyline that sounds, well, new, this is yet […]

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Hybrid (1997)

I have a confession to make: I watched this one because the Landmaster (from Damnation Alley) appears in it. And, yeah, that is probably one of the main reasons to watch this one.  Although it really isn’t that bad. This one is yet another film from Fred Olen Ray.  He made an absurd number of super […]

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Starship Invasions (1977)

This one has long been one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Now, as I’ve pointed out before, the true guilty pleasure film is not the terrible film we laugh at and enjoy because it is so awful.  It is a film which we know is not a great film — or perhaps even a good […]

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