Video Wars (1983)

The things I get myself into… Okay, anytime you try some long-lost film, you know the odds.  Most films made by someone you never heard of, in a city without a major film industry are going to be terrible, or worse.  We know that. And, yes, M. Night Shyamalan managed to do his best work […]

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Kamikaze (1986)

You never know what you are going to find next. After all, there are a lot of incredible movies out there no one has ever heard of. Consider for a moment the 1986 French comedy, Kamikaze: The first thing you’ll notice is that it was produced by Luc Besson. Now this is actually more remarkable […]

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Vortex (1982)

It was called “No Wave Film.” Although that wasn’t the official name: it was borrowed from the No Wave underground music movement which was already growing at the time and involved many of the same people. Some people called it the “New Cinema,” which was actually the name of the theater which showed these films. […]

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Island of Lost Women (1959)

I’m sure there’s a nicer word for it than “rip-off,” but the unofficial remake has been with us for a long time and for good reason: After all, you know the original story was successful, so making your own version of it should increase the odds that your film (or book or play or whatever) […]

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Full Metal Duel (2016)

Before I get started, I need to grumble a bit. One of the most frustrating problems with IMDB (not the only one, by any means) is the surprisingly poor coverage of Chinese film (new and old) on the site. I have repeated found myself stymied when I try to locate them.  Sometimes it is because […]

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Red Snow (1952)

Honorable Mention (mostly) Before I get started here, I need to say a few words about Janne Waas. Janne is perhaps the single best online Science Fiction film critic working today.  Perhaps the best in any media for that matter. He’s trying to write about every major (and minor) science fiction film out there on […]

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Rattlers (1976)

You learn something new every day. Now, as I’ve noted before, quite a few of Fred Olen Ray‘s films are remakes — or sort-of remakes — of past B-Movie “classics” (for example, Alienator is supposedly his take on The Astounding She-Monster.) But it seems strange when you see these connections in reverse, when you watch […]

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