Warning Sign (1985)

The most difficult problem with zombie movies is figuring out which ones are actually zombie movies. There is a major divide among the faithful over the traditional, lumbering classic Romero zombies, and the far more aggressive fast zombies, or rage zombies, popularized by 28 Days Later because so many fans refuse to accept these rage-filled […]

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Knights (1993)

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I was impressed. Okay, now we all know this was yet another of the long series of post-Apocalyptic kickboxing cyborg movies Albert Pyun made.  In fact, it was originally meant to be a sequel to Von Damme’s Cyborg.  And, yes, it is very familiar territory, with lots of action, lots of […]

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Deceit (1992)

It starts like this: “The following is crucial plot information needed to understand this motion picture.  If for some reason you fail to read all of this data in time, then you are really screwed because you’ll end up sitting there for two hours wondering what the hell is going on and realizing that you’ve […]

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