First Light [At First Light] (2018)

Girl drowns while at a party, bright lights appear and save her, and the next thing you know she’s on the road with her old boyfriend trying to get somewhere…important. And that pretty much sums this one up. Mind you, the girl, Alex, is now telekinetic.  And dangerously radioactive.  Sean, her ex, is getting sicker […]

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Monsterland (2016)

Ah, yes, the anthology film. The truth is, it’s been around for a long time, one can even point at the silent horror classics, Destiny (1921, directed by Fritz Lang) and Paul Leni’s 1924 film, Waxworks, as two of the earlier examples.  I really have no idea what movie was the first anthology film, nor […]

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Glass Trap (2005)

This must be Fred Olen Ray’s best picture. Seriously. Glass Trap is a solid and entertaining little B-Monster Movie which doesn’t pretend to be anything else. And we all know how rare those are. It helps that its basic plot is equally classic — or “cliched” for those of you more cynical than I am. […]

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The Invisible Ray (1936)

“FOREWARD: Every scientific fact accepted today once burned as a fantastic fire in the mind of someone called mad.  Who are we on the youngest and smallest of planets to say that the INVISIBLE RAY is impossible to science? That which you are now to see is a theory whispered in the cloisters of science. […]

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Biohazard (1985)

Fred Olen Ray has a well earned reputation for making bad films. If you have any doubts on that score, check out The Alien Dead, which somehow avoids having any aliens, dead or alive.  I’ll concede that some of his films aren’t all bad, like Deep Space, although I might be more lenient towards it because of […]

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Uninvited (1988)

You aren’t too far into this film before you see the most interesting part. Don’t worry, though, you’ll see it again.  Quite a few times. A small detour on the subject of medical science, however:  as our scientists (mainstream variety) study one of the cats they’ve been doing genetic research on, they think the odd […]

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