Psychovision (2003)

Look, don’t try to figure this one out. I’m not sure you can.  It has so many strange and inexplicable things going on, so many odd details, so much that is left either unexplained or over-explained. But then, you expect that when you watch one of Al Passeri’s films. I’ve now watched and reviewed all […]

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The Tommyknockers (1993)

There is a reaction I keep having to so many of Stephen King’s stories: … Now that looks familiar. I suppose I get the same reaction from many of Dean R. Koonz’s books as well.  If you read a lot of pulp fiction and seen even more “B” sci fi and horror (as King certainly […]

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The Sleeper (2007)

Ah, yes, the mixed reaction. I’ve ended up watching several of Drew Maxwell’s ultra-low budget films lately.  I was reasonably impressed by his Dark Nemesis (2011), and went in search of his other films.  I was mildly surprised to learn that he also directed a film I’d already watched, the mostly okay but unmemorable Guardians, […]

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Abriendo fuego (1985)

(Literal translation: Opening Fire.  aka, Jungle of Death, En busca del astronauta Maya.  Literal translation: In Search of the Mayan Astronaut) I suppose it doesn’t help that I could only find a singularly bad rip of this rare Mexican film that actually had any sort of subtitles. And those were auto-translated auto-subs. But I still […]

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Abigail (2019)

There are moments when the movie you are watching seems to eerily predict future events. Consider Abigail: here we have a Russian film released in 2019, set in an alternate, locked-in world, where everyone goes in terror of a mysterious disease which shows no symptoms in the infected. Not in its earliest stage, at least. […]

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Under the Mountain (1981)

A TV series from New Zealand was shown in the United States? And only two years after it ran back home? I suppose stranger things have happened. Of course, at the time, Nickleodeon was still in its earliest stages, and desperate for low priced children’s shows to present.  One of their offerings was The Third […]

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