Sand Serpents (2009)

The word here is “routine.”  After all, it’s from the SyFy network. Okay, I’ll admit it, we do find the odd SyFy offering which proves to be something special.  Well, at least we used to.  I’m not sure that’s as true as it once was, when they would go out and buy some Indie film […]

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Alien Showdown (2018)

(aka Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still; American Cowboys Vs. Aliens; Alien Predator War) When you see a film with this many names, you know you are in trouble — particularly when it ran as an original on the SyFy channel. However, despite the SyFy label, this is clearly something even cheaper, made […]

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The Predator (2018)

Once again I find myself enjoying a film that a lot of people absolutely hated.  To put this in perspective, I saw it within a day or two of seeing Venom — which I also enjoyed. In my review for Predator 2 I pointed out how much of the Predator mythology came from the second film — and […]

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Snow Beast (2011)

Wow.  Just what we really needed.  A SyFy Network remake/sequel/reboot/re-imagining of a TV Movie from the Seventies. It’s really not quite clear which one this is as the story is quite different, although it does still revolve around the idea of a Yeti straying close to a ski resort and eating people. And it is […]

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Escape from New York (1981)

It was perhaps the finest moment in  John Carpenter’s career. Just three years after the surprise success of his genre-defining serial killer film, Halloween, with a couple of TV movies and an interesting ghost story (The Fog) in between, John made one of his most famous films, the Eighties movie of Eighties movies, Escape from New […]

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Death Machine (1994)

I’ve added a new film to my list of best Alien ripoffs. But it isn’t a movie I’ve never seen before.  Instead, it’s a film I saw a few years ago and loved. I just never thought of how much it owed to Alien before (and probably wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t seen this article). […]

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Critters 3 (1991)

The Critters remain one of my favorite Alien ripoffs.   While I no longer think that they are one of the best ripoffs, like John Carpenter’s The Thing or Predator, there is no question that the first film was quite amiable, and far, far more enjoyable than most bargain basement killer alien films of the […]

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Critters (1986)

For a long time, I would have told you that the best Alien ripoffs were Predator, The Thing, Pitch Black…and Critters. Now that I’ve seen it again — and the Eighties are long over — my opinion is no longer quite as generous.  Hey, that happens. It is still a fun little film, which offers a […]

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The Awakened (2009)

A farmer digs up an alien spaceship, and before you know it, vicious aliens are running about, killing people and generally making a nuisance of themselves.  A small group of survivors hole up in a small house and try to find some way to escape… Let’s face it:  it’s very familiar territory. Curiously, despite all […]

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