Terminal Entry (1987)

Honorable (mostly) Mention   Now there’s a rare piece of truth in Advertising. I know it is hard to believe, but this poster sums up Terminal Entry with uncanny accuracy. After all, right up front, we have soldiers and explosions.  Then, in the center a giant computer screen.  And looming over that… A kid in […]

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.com for Murder (2002)

I suppose it was inevitable. Lately, I’ve reviewed quite a few Hacker films.  Most of these are, frankly, borderline science fiction at best, although it is often hard to figure out where the reality ends and the science fiction begins — or whether they have any solid connection to reality, no matter how believable they […]

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Memoria (1976)

(aka, LA BESTIAS NO SE MIRAN AL ESPEJO, BEASTS DON’T LOOK AT THEMSELVES IN A MIRROR) Out on the fringes of the film world lurk a few strange little films whose very survival is almost as hard to explain as the fact that they even exist in the first place. This is one of them. […]

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Cybernator (1991)

The operative word here is “cheap.” You can tell it from the film quality (although I suppose it probably doesn’t help that the available copies all seem to be VHS rips); the cast of unknowns; the prevalence of location shooting; the plain, white rooms in so many indoors scenes; and the very fake looking weapons. […]

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Terrifying T-Rex (2022)

Some films leave you stuck forever with an image you know you will never get out of your brain. In Terrifying T-Rex, that moment comes fairly early in the film, when the enormously, ummmmm, “Body Positive” star of the film suddenly strips off her clothes and takes a shower. Revealing several acres of bare, flabby […]

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Vicious Lips (1986)

(aka, Pleasure Planet, Lunar Madness) [Spoilers Ahead] Who knew the future had Eighties’ Girl Bands? Not to mention big hair, wild New Wave fashions and an incredible club scene. Look, some of these movies, you look at them and wonder, what were they thinking?  There’s an interesting movie here somewhere, but it just didn’t get […]

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