The Tangle (2019)

Wow! It is very hard to write about a really good movie.  A bad one?  that’s easy.  There are always lots of things that make a movie bad, and they are usually the same bad things from movie to movie.  Acting?  Dialogue?  Story?  The fundamentals of editing, sound recording and composition? But a truly good […]

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Sky Pirates (1986)

Raiders of the Lost Ark has to be one of the most copied films of all time. You don’t have to look too hard to find copies made in the US — offhand one thinks of The Jewel of the Nile, King Solomon’s Mines and High Road to China, but it isn’t much harder to find […]

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Kafka (1991)

The basic idea sounds quite promising. Steven Soderbergh made a strange thriller movie revolving around the legendary writer Franz Kafka, which stars Jeremy Irons, with Ian Holm as the sinister Dr. Murnau, Armin Mueller-Stahl as a policeman, and Alec Guinness in one of his final roles. Add to this plenty of dreamy black and white cinematography, some […]

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Live Again, Die Again (1974)

This one is unique. Joseph Stefano, who wrote the script for Psycho and was one of the leading creative forces behind The Outer Limits, is probably the reason this film does not fit neatly into any of our familiar, ready-made boxes. It starts out as science fiction as doctors work to thaw out Caroline Carmichael, […]

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