Atlantis (1991)

What exactly makes someone a cult filmmaker? Let’s face it, the whole question of what makes a film a cult film is poorly defined — and I really don’t see that it is possible to come up with a really good definition.  After all, I’ve seen the label slapped on a lot of filmmakers and […]

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Dark Nemesis (2011)

(aka, The Dark Knight, Ferocious) I’m willing to forgive a lot of sins when it comes to what I like to call a “Garage Band” movie. By that, I mean a film made with far more love than money, by a tiny group of people working out of their garage. Not that I haven’t seen […]

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Nightmare at Noon (1988)

Look, some films just can’t make up their minds what the heck they are. And perhaps the most clueless and misguided film made in the Eighties was Nightmare at Noon. You’ve got to love the opening, with a sinister white-clad figure with lots of glowing green hair — well, it’s actually white, but lit by […]

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Junk Head (2017)

Wow. This is a strange one. Japanese strange at that. The future hasn’t worked out too well. The human race essentially lives forever, but it can’t reproduce anymore.  Deep beneath their city is a vast network of tunnels and levels descending to unknown depths, and living in them are the mutant Maligans, who may possess […]

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The Mutation (2021)

It reminds me of nothing so much as one of those dramatic crime series the BBC turns out, the kind with dark, moody lighting, and a lot of personal drama wrapped around a complex detective story, with a damaged hero struggling with his private life while he tries to unravel the mystery… And then that […]

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Killer Crocodile (1989)

So you’re in a swamp (on some unspecified tropical island) which is strewn with drums of toxic and nuclear waste, and you find a monstrous crocodile which is probably some sort of mutant… And your immediate response — after it eats one of your friends — is to try to keep everyone from killing the […]

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Larva (2005)

And here we are, yet again, another Sci Fi Network Original. But, let’s face it, there were a lot of those. Still, it’s one of the better ones. A young veterinarian, Dr. Eli Rudkus, takes over a practice in a small farming community, but things aren’t quite right.  He’s finding too many cattle with serious […]

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Invisible Alien (2021)

The film world is, of course, full of all sorts of odd corners, places where, thanks to some peculiar set of circumstances — whether tax incentives, exchange rates, available markets or whatever — movies can flourish and sometimes even find room for a little creativity.  This gave us German Expressionism in the Twenties, DTV movies […]

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Underworld (1985)

(aka Transmutations) What we have here is: Clive Barker’s first feature film credit (for story and screenwriting). Only he hated the results and disavows it. One of the first films from Charles Band’s Empire Films. Only it wasn’t actually produced by Empire and Band merely distributed it. And we might also note that it is […]

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