Highlander II: Renegade Version [Highlander II: The Quickening] (1991)

A lot of people think Highlander II is one of the worst movies ever made. I quite enjoyed it. And, yes, probably for many of the reasons that people hate it. Of course a lot of people will tell you that it doesn’t make sense.  But that’s ridiculous.  Everything in this film can easily be […]

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Max Headroom (1985)

(aka,Max Headroom:  The Original Story; Twenty Minutes into the Future) I always find it a touch amusing that one of the major sub-genres within science fiction (which tends to be a bit snobbish about being at its purest in print, as opposed to movies or TV) was born on the big screen. Blade Runner (1982) […]

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Night Feeders (2006)

This one was far better than I expected. On the face of it, one expects Night Feeders to be just another ultra cheap made-on-a shoestring-with-help-from-the-neighbors  sort of horror film.  We’ve seen a lot of those, and it doesn’t appear to fall too far from the formula.  A group of friends go out into the woods […]

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