Mail Order Monster (2018)

A young girl, struggling with her mother’s death, Dad’s new fiance and a bully at school, orders a Mail Order Monster, a robot that is supposed to solve all her problems.  Little does she realize that she’s a character in yet another one of these movies about children, death and monsters like A Monster Calls […]

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Snow Beast (2011)

Wow.  Just what we really needed.  A SyFy Network remake/sequel/reboot/re-imagining of a TV Movie from the Seventies. It’s really not quite clear which one this is as the story is quite different, although it does still revolve around the idea of a Yeti straying close to a ski resort and eating people. And it is […]

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Night Monster (1942)

Vibrations. You see, all matter is nothing but vibrations.  Modern Science has told us that.  But they weren’t the first ones to learn this.  Oh, no!  So, if you can learn the ancient science of the yogis — and yes, it was a science — then you can take matter apart and move it around […]

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Man Made Monster (1941)

A sideshow performer, Dan “The Electric Man” McCormick (Lon Chaney Jr.) survives when a bus crashes into high tension lines, thanks to a strange partial immunity he’s acquired to electric current from his act.  He agrees to take part in a few experiments to understand his gift, unaware the the good Scientist’s partner (played by […]

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Alien Uprising (2008)

Look, there are some things that bother you so much that you have to say them right out: There is one thing no hard core special forces officer will do.  Not ever. It’s a question of discipline and morale.  Commissioned officers do NOT enter into sexual relationships with enlisted men in their chain of command. […]

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