4D Man (1959)

It’s hard to believe that this is a Fifties film. It certainly doesn’t look like most of your typical Fifties SF films:  for one thing, it is in color.  I’ll admit that is hardly unknown, and even some fairly early films like Flight to Mars (1951) were in color, but it is certainly rare for that staple SF […]

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Demonwarp (1988)

Don’t be fooled by the descriptions.  For most of its running time Demonwarp is just a fairly routine Eighties Slasher film.  The fact that the killer is a Bigfoot (sort of, more or less, well, that’s what it looks like) really doesn’t change things that much. While George Kennedy gets top billing, he actually only […]

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Mulgoe [Monstrum] (2018)

Mulgoe combines two very different types of movies: the lavish historical epic of the sort that the Chinese film industry has been making lately, built around political machinations, a serious threat against Imperial power and a heroic figure who steps in to support the Emperor at great cost –and the monster movie. I have to […]

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The Loch Ness Horror (1982)

What amazes me most about this one is that Larry Buchanan did not recycle the creature mask he’d used in so many films before.  I mean, it stood in for gill men in Creature of Destruction and Curse of the Swamp Creature, and even put in a stint as a dinosaur still alive after millions of years […]

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