Fumoon (1980)

Osamu Tezuka is probably as close to Walt Disney as anyone in Japan will ever be. He started out by redefining Manga and then jumpstarted the Japanese anime market with Astroboy.  In his early work, he told surprisingly dark stories for younger readers featuring a running cast of familiar characters, but later moved to more […]

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Alien: Covenant (2017)

(Warning:  Spoilers Ahead!) Not long ago, I noted that the mad scientist film seems to have disappeared. It never was exactly a realistic sort of concept, and as modern film has skewed away from non-realistic styles like expressionism and surrealism, it seems further and further out of place. But that didn’t stop Ridley Scott. Curiously, […]

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Dororo (2007)

Honorable Mention: It might seem strange to find a wacky Chanbara fantasy epic here, one in which the hero had his body stolen at birth and is now trying to track down the 48 demons responsible, so he can kill them and get his organs back. And, I should note that it makes no bones […]

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Just Imagine (1930)

I have to confess that I’ve never quite “got” the musical.  It seems an entirely artificial notion, whether on stage or on film (and, as Nacho Vigalondo’s Oscar winning short 7:35 in the Morning  reminds us, more than a little creepy if people really did burst into song and dance numbers without warning). But that doesn’t change […]

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