The Untold [Sasquatch] (2002)

It’s strange. B-Movie favorite Lance Henricksen appeared in two Bigfoot movies within a few years of each other? Just to make it more confusing, the other film, Devil on the Mountain (2006) is also known as Sasquatch Mountain, while this one is sometimes called Sasquatch. In fact, my first attempt to find this film after I […]

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ESPY [Esupai] (1974)

Let’s face it, the 1970s were a bit…weird for Toho films. At least when it came to their Tokusatsu films. Godzilla wasn’t doing too well (at least not on the big screen., even if his “monsterverse” spinoff, Zone Fighter did well — well enough that the Big G actually made a few appearances on the […]

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Blood of Dracula (1957)

It goes something like this: The science teacher at an exclusive girls’ school has made an important discovery, one that the scientific establishment refuses to credit, a discovery that could power the world and make all weapons obsolete. Now, if you haven’t guessed, this all has to do with the power of the mind, although, […]

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