Los platillos voladores (1956)

(Literal translation: The Flying Saucers) Honorable Mention I’ll confess that Mexican cinema is one of those areas I haven’t spent much time exploring. Which, of course, means that I keep finding a few interesting films to watch. Heck, some of them, like El monstruo resucitado [Monster](1953), are quite good. Fortunately, I don’t have to do all […]

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The Outsider (1997)

(aka, Gangster World) And once again, we’re looking at an eccentric kickboxing martial arts-heavy science fiction thriller which Avi Nesher produced. While he isn’t quite as interesting a filmmaker as Albert Pyun, he produced, directed, or wrote a few genre films which are notably strange, not to mention two absolutely bizarre films, She (1984) and […]

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Mars (1997)

I suppose a few words about Avi Nesher are in order. Avi wrote, produced, or directed a lot of genre films in the late Nineties and early Nothings. While many of them are more or less routine B-Movies, they included several that are notably strange. She, the first English language film he directed, which features […]

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Automatic (1995)

Let’s see… A cyborg kickboxer movie starring some guy with a French accent? Never saw that one before. Only Automatic isn’t your typical kickboxing cyborg movie, even if Olivier Gruner does have a French accent — although, to be fair, he’s actually French, not Belgian. If that makes a difference. Robgen Industries has made a […]

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Foxfur (2012)

Look, there are some films which aren’t for everyone — And there are a few which are only for a few weirdos, oddballs, fanboys and movie reviewers. That is the sort of film Damon Packard has been making over the course of his odd independent film career, and Foxfur is no exception. It’s hard even […]

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Crimson Force (2005)

Let’s see… Astronauts go to Mars and find a big pyramid.  Inside it, they find a dying but powerful civilization divided into separate orders of priests and warriors, which may invade the Earth unless they can defeat the bad guys and make peace. And it wasn’t written in the Thirties. It isn’t by Edgar Rice […]

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