Ravagers (1979)

There sure were a lot of post-Apocalyptic films in the Seventies! I really wouldn’t even want to guess how many. We tend to think of the genre as starting with Mad Max and The Road Warrior, but it goes the whole way back to the silent era, and they were pretty heavy on the ground […]

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The Sisterhood (1988)

This is depressing. I just saw a seemingly endless list of other post-Apocalyptic films by Cirio H. Santiago. What is far more depressing is that several of them were actually earlier than The Sisterhood, so he had practice before he made this one. And perhaps most depressing of all is that he kept making them […]

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Damnation Alley (1977)

There are movies that could only have been made in the Seventies. Now we need to say certain things about this one right up front: The star of this film is a giant truck. It’s called the Landmaster, and the legendary prop designer Dean Jeffries (yes, the guy who built the cars for Blade Runner) […]

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Interzone (1987)

A barbarian army has laid siege to the stronghold of a group of powerful telepaths, in the hope of seizing their secret treasure.  So the telepaths go out and find the one man for the job, who will have to wipe out their army single-handed.  No big deal, right? This is one of the best […]

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Rush (1983)

This is a post-Apocalyptic Italian version of Rambo. There really isn’t a lot more you need to know about it. Sure, there’s a lot of talk about nuclear war, and the familiar warlord type trying to rule what’s left of the world, but you know sooner or later, the big, bare-chested guy is going to […]

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Escape from New York (1981)

It was perhaps the finest moment in  John Carpenter’s career. Just three years after the surprise success of his genre-defining serial killer film, Halloween, with a couple of TV movies and an interesting ghost story (The Fog) in between, John made one of his most famous films, the Eighties movie of Eighties movies, Escape from New […]

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