Max Cloud (2020)

(aka, The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud) And once again, we have someone getting sucked into a videogame. I’m not exactly grumbling here: after all, even though this is one of those tropes which goes all the way back to the Eighties and Tron, and which, in one form or another, has shown up in […]

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Mind Trap [Danger USA] (1989)

Occasionally you watch a movie you know is going to be terrible just for the heck of it. Sometimes it even turns out that it isn’t a terrible film. But this wasn’t one of those times.  Not entirely, at least.  Mind Trap is at least mostly watchable, and even has a few decidedly weird moments. […]

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Boss Level (2021)

Does it really matter if we’ve seen it all before? Mind you, when someone makes that complaint, they often do so about a film which took a basic idea which has been used before — perhaps even many times before — and yet still found something new to say. Perhaps the best part about Boss […]

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Highly Dangerous (1950)

Honorable Mention I was mildly surprised when I saw that Eric Ambler wrote the script for Highly Dangerous. It wasn’t based on one of his novels, but was an original story.  Normally, one thinks of him as a novelist, although he did write quite a few scripts, including A Night to Remember.  Most of them […]

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Primal Scream (1987)

(aka Hellfire) I’ve given a lot of attention over the last few years to small films — whether SOV, DIY, or low budget Indies from dedicated creators and production companies — and to their special place in the film world.  But I haven’t written much about the role played by small distribution companies who put […]

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Alone in the Dark (2005)

Uwe Boll was ahead of his time. Seriously. Here we have the second of his major films, a videogame adaptation like pretty much everything he’s made since, which consists of the barest of setups followed by action scene after action scene, complete with crashing through windows, bullet time, absurd wire-fu, and all chopped up in […]

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The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)

(aka She Was a Hippy Vampire) This is probably Jerry Warren’s best film. Yes, I know I said that about Frankenstein Island.  And, yes, I know that isn’t saying much. But what we’ve got here is so strange and so… Okay, I can’t help it, it’s the right word: …”Batty”, that it defies any rational explanation. […]

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Krull (1983)

I really don’t know what to make of this one. We have a stunning opening as a huge, black space vessel arrives at a planet with two suns.  An army of armored black creatures on horseback emerges and sets about their campaign to conquer this new world. So far so good, right?  No reason an […]

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