Krull (1983)

I really don’t know what to make of this one. We have a stunning opening as a huge, black space vessel arrives at a planet with two suns.  An army of armored black creatures on horseback emerges and sets about their campaign to conquer this new world. So far so good, right?  No reason an […]

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The Device (2014)

Someone just pointed out to me the similarities between the stories about fairies in the old legends (which aren’t as delightful as the modern version) and the typical accounts of alien abduction and UFO encounters. Certainly, the traits given the aliens in these stories are clearly supernatural:  they pass through walls and cannot be stopped […]

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Space Detective (2017)

“The following transmission has been translated into local Terran dialect.  Some visual distortion may occur” I have no idea what in the world Antonio Llapur and Matt Sjafiroeddin were smoking when they created Space Detective.  I just hope someone buys them more of it – and soon. I find myself at a loss what in […]

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Menno’s Mind (1997)

(aka In one of his interviews, legendary TV producer Dan Curtis talked about how easy it was to produce a TV movie in the Seventies:  he would pitch his idea to, perhaps, two people, and would get an answer on the spot. The result was what seems to have been the Golden Age of […]

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Terminal Justice [Cybertech P.D.] (1996)

This is your basic 90s buddy cop revenge flick. Well, almost. The curious aspect here is that it is set against a detailed cyberpunk background with a lot of well-thought out technological developments, including cybernetic implants, unintentionally lethal VR videogames, virtual drug “analogs”, clones, assassin drones, super-soldier drugs, a cyber technology police department and, of course, […]

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Final Approach (1991)

It is really hard to classify this one. Or to know what to think about it. A pilot crashes during the test of a new active stealth system and finds himself in a psychiatrist’s office. Or is that what’s happening? This is yet another example of that rarity, the two-man movie (it’s interesting to note […]

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