Mutant Hunt (1987)

So, we’re going to hire a mercenary to hunt down some…ummmmmm…“Mutant Androids” that are ten times stronger than a normal man, so naturally we’re going to hire the guy who is going to fight them with… His bare hands. I suppose it would make more sense if you knew this one was directed by Tim […]

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Henge [Metamorphosis] (2011)

Honorable Mention This one is strange. And rather disturbing. A young man keeps having these weird seizures where he howls and jumps about uncontrollably.  It’s as if something is taking him over and it keeps getting worse. Then he starts transforming — at first just an arm or a leg — during these fits into…something. […]

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Mega Scorpions (2003)

(aka Deadly Stingers) It turns out that this one was made back in 2002, but after a few festival appearances as “Deadly Stingers” it remained unseen until 2013. It wasn’t worth the wait. To be fair, it vanished because Full Moon Features was working on a distribution deal with Fox that fell through. But they […]

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Monster Movie (2008)

(aka Dinosaur Activity) You are cleaning out your storeroom at the University and you find a pile of film cans full of unused 16mm film stock. What do you do? Well, if you are Mark Polonia, you use them to make a movie about a guy who finds a stockpile of 16mm film stock and […]

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The Millennium Bug (2011)

This is a strange and decidedly eccentric film, crammed full of odd bits and pieces which do not necessarily appear to belong in the same movie. I like it. New Year’s Eve, 1999: a family travels deep into the mountains to avoid the chaos the so-called Millennium Bug might cause. Unfortunately, they run afoul of […]

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Monster (2008)

The Asylum is one of those names which is instantly familiar to those of us who’ve spent far too much time in video stores. Their specialty is what are known as “Mockbusters,” movies which are more or less similar to current or upcoming hit movies and which usually feature roughly similar artwork to the real […]

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La marca del muerto (1961)

(aka The Mark of Death) I have to admit, I’m beginning to become fond of Mexican Horror films. Now I’ll admit that’s because I’ve been steered towards some of their best, like El Monstruo resucitado, The Black Pit of Dr. M, The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales, and The Macabre Trunk, not to mention such silly but wildly […]

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The Mind’s Eye (2015)

It came as a bit of a surprise that I actually liked this one. I didn’t think much of Joe Begos’ first film, Almost Human, about a man who is abducted by aliens then returns years later as something no longer human. It was meant as an homage to those old Eighties unstoppable killer films, […]

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