Monkey Shines (1988)

(aka Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear) If there’s one thing we need to learn from this film, it is that jealous monkeys are bad news. Looking at Monkey Shines, I find that it seems to have hit almost every horror movie trope of the Eighties.  We have our serial killer, our dream scenes, the […]

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Mail Order Monster (2018)

A young girl, struggling with her mother’s death, Dad’s new fiance and a bully at school, orders a Mail Order Monster, a robot that is supposed to solve all her problems.  Little does she realize that she’s a character in yet another one of these movies about children, death and monsters like A Monster Calls […]

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Man Made Monster (1941)

A sideshow performer, Dan “The Electric Man” McCormick (Lon Chaney Jr.) survives when a bus crashes into high tension lines, thanks to a strange partial immunity he’s acquired to electric current from his act.  He agrees to take part in a few experiments to understand his gift, unaware the the good Scientist’s partner (played by […]

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Millennium Crisis (2007)

Andrew Bellware is one of those directors who intrigues me. I’m not saying he’s a great director, or that he’s made any incredibly great films.  No, all I’m willing to say at this point is that he’s made several massively cheap SF films which are strange enough and have so many ideas that they stand […]

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Melocotones [Peaches](2017)

Love. Fail. Repeat! There is a very curious credit at the beginning of this film, that tells us it is based on Hugh Sullivan’s film, The Infinite Man. The implications seem almost impossibly strange, particularly for an independent film:  A remake?  Of a film three years old? Toto, we’re not in Oz anymore. But that isn’t what […]

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