Primal Scream (1987)

(aka Hellfire) I’ve given a lot of attention over the last few years to small films — whether SOV, DIY, or low budget Indies from dedicated creators and production companies — and to their special place in the film world.  But I haven’t written much about the role played by small distribution companies who put […]

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Sentinel 2099 SE (2018)

I have to admit it makes my day when I open a new DVD and find inside a short full-color mini-comic book. Not only is it a fun little extra, but it suggests that someone put in some overtime creating extra layers of depth to its world. More than most SF films do, perhaps. This […]

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Starcrash (1978)

This film was one of two which taught me back in the Eighties that Spaghetti Sci Fi has the unique gift of being as bad as you think it is. The first was War of the Robots, a typically cheap Star Wars rip off.  We were came in late on it and someone asked why […]

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Retina (2017)

A young woman who is going through difficult times volunteers to take part in a medical study on anxiety.  But then she starts having strange dreams which may mean that something far more sinister is going on… This one attracted a bit of attention on the Indie circuit because it was made by a three-man […]

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Travelers (2017)

Let’s make on thing clear:  “Adam Starks” is not the name of the hero of some forgotten Gerry Anderson show. Instead, he is a Nineteen year old Writer/Director, who has made four films to date, with the help of his friend Joshua Copeland – who stars with him in all four.  Travelers is his latest. […]

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The Alpha Omega Man (2017)

Perhaps the defining moment in Joshua Kennedy’s latest film comes when his character, Robert Neville, alone in the deserted streets of New York City, sits in a theater and watches a film.  Which, naturally is Charlton Heston, sitting in the exact same theater, watching a movie while playing Robert Neville in The Omega Man, and saying the […]

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Slave Girls on the Moon (2014)

Let me come right out and say it: I enjoyed this film. Most of you won’t. Joshua Kennedy is one of a small but growing group of passionate filmmakers who create interesting movies – most often retro-tinged SF, horror or fantasy – on infinitesimal budgets.  He is also one of the more accomplished of this group, […]

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The Vesuvius Xperiment (2015)

If you haven’t heard of Joshua Kennedy by now, you should have. Really.  It’s your own fault. Joshua is one of a growing number of young filmmakers who turn out remarkable films for next to nothing, the garage bands of the film world.  He is also one of the more accomplished of that small but […]

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