Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

I’ll confess that I am of two minds about Stuart Gordon. Now he started out with a few great films, like the first Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Robot Jox, only to sort of wither away into doing TV movies and foreign productions long after his name lost whatever luster it once had. Curiously, that seemed to […]

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Attack of the Unknown (2020)

Genres are more fun when you can mix and match them. Consider Attack of the Unknown: we have a tough and experienced SWAT team making a major bust, only things don’t go as planned and one of their team gets killed. And, even worse, the FBI insists on taking over. But the team is given […]

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Black Site (2018)

You never know what to expect from a Lovecraftian film. I mean, we all know the basics: the sheer horror of the abyss; beings older than our puny speck of a world; a cold, uncaring, multi-dimensional universe full of beings too powerful to even notice us, let alone care what happens to us Heck, you […]

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Not of This World (1991)

As far as I can figure out, Not of This World was produced for Syndication by Paramount, a few years before the earliest version of UPN.  At the time they were busy syndicating shows to their various affiliates, which leads me to suspect this one might have run in late night or Saturday non-Prime Time […]

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Free Guy (2021)

You’ve seen the trailers. An ordinary guy named Guy — a bank teller whose bank is robbed every day — doesn’t realize that the city where he lives his happy everyday life (dodging the occasional firefight) is really a super-violent videogame. Until, that is, he finally meets the girl of his dreams — only to […]

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Sci-fighters (1996)

Let’s face it, the high point of this direct to video movie is the presence of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. I’ll confess, I’ve liked his screen persona since I saw him in John Carpenter’s great paranoid thriller, They Live!  Which, I suppose is what we expect from an Action hero, not that they are great actors, […]

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An Ideal Host (2020)

There’s a moment early on that really defines this film. And, no, I don’t mean the fact that it starts with a woman screaming. Liz and her controlling boyfriend Jackson are planning a big party in which he will “spontaneously” ask her to marry him.  They want everything to be perfect (and even rehearse that […]

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Sea Fever (2019)

Somehow it is very hard to classify this one. I don’t just mean because of the rather serious tone which suggests a drama rather than a horror film — although that certainly is a factor. It is the curious nature of the story itself: a young woman biologist is assigned to do some research aboard […]

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