Wolfblood (1925)

It can be almost comic to find out what science believed even a short time ago. Although the movies aren’t exactly the best guide for that. Wolfblood has been called the first werewolf movie.  This is more or less sorta true, although not in the sense you think that should mean.  It is also not […]

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Melocotones [Peaches](2017)

Love. Fail. Repeat! There is a very curious credit at the beginning of this film, that tells us it is based on Hugh Sullivan’s film, The Infinite Man. The implications seem almost impossibly strange, particularly for an independent film:  A remake?  Of a film three years old? Toto, we’re not in Oz anymore. But that isn’t what […]

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Space Detective (2017)

“The following transmission has been translated into local Terran dialect.  Some visual distortion may occur” I have no idea what in the world Antonio Llapur and Matt Sjafiroeddin were smoking when they created Space Detective.  I just hope someone buys them more of it – and soon. I find myself at a loss what in […]

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