The Body Disappears (1941)

Edward Everett Horton, one of the most avuncular actors of the Thirties and Forties, as a mad scientist? It’s one of those thoughts you can’t dwell on for too long for fear it’ll cause serious brain damage. I suppose we could argue that he’s not so much “mad” as a bit obsessive, but that doesn’t […]

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Island Zero (2018)

We’ve got one of those all time classic set ups:  a tiny island off the Maine coast suddenly finds itself cut off from the rest of the world:  the ferry doesn’t show up, they can’t reach anyone on the radio and the phones aren’t working. And, of course, as this is your standard model horror […]

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Monster Trucks (2016)

I watched this one because a friend really, really wanted to see it. It should tell you something that I feel a need to make excuses for watching it. Mind you, you quickly get the idea that those involved are just a little ashamed of it all:  not only did the film get delayed repeatedly, […]

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