Sinister Flesh (1976)

‘”Sinister Flesh” was the final motion picture supervised by the legendary showman and impresario Maxwell DeMille.  Although photographed in 1974, it was released as a silent film. DeMille maintained the belief that motion pictures should not talk… Unfortunately the movie going public did not share his views and the film was soon forgotten.  Only recently […]

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Piranha 3DD (2012)

(aka, Piranha DD) You know how it goes. Someone out there recommends a film as a wild exploitation movie which is pure fun (this time around, I believe it was Mauler on one of his E.F.A.P. podcasts) and you actually go out and watch the thing. Let’s just say the results are…unpredictable. Now there are […]

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City of Rott 2 (2014)

There are some movies you know you are never ever, ever going to watch. Nope, wouldn’t even consider it, not for a moment. And yet, I don’t know how it happens, but you end up just giving in and watching them anyway. Take City of Rott 2, for example. I first learned about this one […]

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Cute Little Buggers (2017)

They’re at it again. You’d think the aliens would have something better to do by now than invade the Earth, but I guess it must be a tempting prospect: after all, we have something every self-respecting alien race wants. Women.  Lots of beautiful, genetically compatible females for them to breed with and produce a new […]

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The Ugly Duckling (1959)

The weird thing is that, if I told you that Hammer made an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” in 1959, most of you would assume that it was a lesser-known horror film from the start of their horror cycle. Although, if you look at their three, completely unrelated […]

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Up from the Depths (1979)

If you asked me what the defining moment of Up from the Depths was, I would immediately point to the opening credits where the name of the star, Sam Bottoms, is proudly displayed… Across the jiggling bottom of a Hulu dancer. Forget this is a Jaws ripoff about a gigantic prehistoric fish which has been […]

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Chompy & the Girls (2021)

Jackson is having a very bad day. The kind of day where your attempt to commit suicide fails because your ceiling fan just isn’t up to the job. So she decides this is the perfect time to get in touch with her long, lost Father — even though he has no idea he has a […]

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Black Friday (2021)

It’s Thanksgiving night and one of the most important days of the year is about to begin: Black Friday! Well, it’s important if you happen to be running a big, strip mall Toy Store, and your bosses expect you to make a lot of money before the store closes for the day. A lot of […]

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Chopping Mall [Killbots] (1986)

All, right, all right, I admit it: I like this one. Even if it was directed by Jim Wynorski. Jim, of course, is responsible for one of the worst films I’ve seen, The Thing Below, and has had a long and very busy career making cheap exploitation films, frequently involving monsters and girls with large breasts. […]

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